Bobby Tabimina

Great Grand Master Bobby Tabimina


Tabimina Balintawak is the survival martial art system founded by Great Grandmaster Bobby Tabimina. His primary goal is the preservation of the art as handed to him by Great Grandmaster Venancio ‘Anciong’ Bacon.

It is a martial art that gives importance to first, the Psychological, then the Physical aspect of the fight with a single stick as a training tool to bring out the necessary reaction, which are innate within the human body. These reactions are reshaped and remolded to facilitate efficiency, precision and economy of motion in accordance with the individual’s natural body movement. With this in mind, the individual is able to generate speed, power, timing, accuracy and intent based on the individual’s comfort zone.

This is the only art that could teach you how to attain the elusive ” Zero Mind ” state which is the missing link of every martial arts

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