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Kali is a Filipino weapons-based martial art that uses sticks as the primary training tool to develop reflexes to respond appropriately for survival in self-defense situations. Also known as Arnis or Escrima, Kali evolved as a practical & reality-based defense system over thousands of years of combat in the Philippines, where Kali practitioners discovered that the same techniques used in stick fighting could be applied to knife or empty-hand combat, and enhance awareness for survival.


Traditional Kali

Resilience Gym’s Kali instructors focus use double sticks to develop coordination and enhance the body’s reflexes & mental agility under stress. The techniques learned in stick fighting are then applied to defense with other weapons or empty hands. Adults of all ages are welcome to join a safe friendly non-competitive class that emphasises self-improvement.


Tabimina Balintawak System – King George Group Singapore

Tabimina Balintawak is a Kali system founded by Great Grandmaster Bobby Tabimina, and propagated by his sons, Grandmaster Flint Tabimina, Master Dag Tabimina, & Master Chad Tabimina. Instructors use a single stick training approach to install the motor skills required to efficiently defend against live resisting opponents that will attack unpredictably. The stick is just a training tool used to bring out the necessary attributes required to successfully defend against random incoming threats without thought or “zero mind”, and use empty hands or improvised weapons for self-preservation.


Instructors of the Tabimina System at Resilience Gym include Senior Feeder Simon Ang, Certified Feeder Lau Pung Seng, & Apprentice Feeder Simon Tung Ho Fei,.

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