Simon Ang


Simon Ang, with more than 30 years of coaching experience is registered as a NCAP Level 2 Coach through the Singapore Sports Council. A certified coach in the National Standards for Youth Sports coaching framework by the Ministry of Education & Singapore Sports Council.

Simon has had substantial experience in the Filipino Martial Arts. He has been trained in various school of FMA which includes Traditional Kali, Modern Arnis, Long Range, Mid & Short Range Fighting style and Sport Arnis.He is a senior coach in Kali Arnis, Escrime, as well as a Senior Feeder in the Tabimina Balintawak System.

Simon was a former Unarmed Combat & Tae Kwon Do coach for the Singapore Army. He continued to pursue his passion for Tae Kwon Do achieving a 4th Dan Black Belt at the Kukikwon Tae Kwon Do headquarters in Korea. Simon is a certified coach & referee through the Singapore Tae Kwon Do federation.

Simon’s interest in martial arts further extended into Wushu, Traditional Chinese Art : He is a practitioner of

山西形意拳|Xing Yi, 太极拳|Tai Chi, 八卦掌|Ba Gua & 心意六合拳|Xin Yi Liu He.

He is a certified Wushu Coach through the Singapore Wushu Dragon & Lion Dance Federation.

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